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Are commercial posts allowed here? Eg, find a paying student, find a paying partner

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Posted 2011-June-14, 08:43

We think it is okay for teachers, especially active BBFers and players of acceptable reputation (I mean general reputation in the bridge world, not the BBF rating) to make a post advertising they are open to paying students. The poster must not spam in any way (multiple posting, trying to pretend the post is anything else, or excessive bumpage) or posting privileges will be revoked for the poster.

Also, it must be understood that BBO does not make any assertions about the capability of any teachers advertising their service. We think perspective clients should ask around on their own to verify any advertising teacher's reputation on their own. Maybe ask for existing student reviews, etc.

If there is any obvious doubt about the capability of an advertising teacher, we may be unwilling to let that post remain. This may come from (but is not limited to) BBO playing records, known BBO teaching records, BBF posting records, or any other trustworthy sources. We are still not claiming that we vet teachers or commercial posts on BBF. However, if a random person nobody has heard good things of decides to make a commercial posting of this nature here, we will be highly suspicious, possibly quick to remove post and posting privileges.

BBO does not (currently) charge for commercial posts in BBF.
BBO does currently have a separate pay advertising service. Interested advertisers can contact us for more information. Pay advertisers are screened to make sure products are of sufficient quality and interest, and we always reserve the right to reject an advertiser.

Last note here:
Buyers Beware - make sure the paid service you have signed up for/purchased can be trusted or verified in some way.
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