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Posted 2021-January-26, 17:52

Are there special ways to open two-suiter hands? 6-5 hands.

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Posted 2021-January-27, 04:04

Lots of people have strong opinions on what to do with 6-5 hands. Unfortunately most of them disagree with the rest of the enthusiastic crowd. Some of my thoughts:
  • The most important factor, as always, is to have the same style as your partner. If partner insists on "longer suit always goes first", or "the texture of the suit is more important than the length", or anything else really, you will not lose a lot of points by agreeing regardless of their choice, while you may lose big by having a misunderstanding.
  • 6-5 hands are relatively rare but tend to produce big swings. This puts them at an awkward spot where it is not really worth learning special treatments for them, and I think most players just muddle through when such a wild hand comes up. All things considered this is a very reasonable approach.
  • I personally think the most important distinction on 6-5 hands is hands with spades versus hands without spades, and would treat these differently. The point is that with good shape if you have the spade suit you can always 'safely' take the opponents out at the 4-level.
  • With non-spade-holding hands I open the (5-card) major, hearts, with 5 or more losers, and the (6-card) minor with 4.5 or fewer losers. This is simple and reasonably effective. But keep the first point in mind, partner has to agree first.
  • With spades I just open the longer suit first and keep bidding ad nauseam, unless the hand is really (really) weak.


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