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Here we go again Looking for a serious partner

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Posted 2024-January-26, 17:23

I would like to set up a serious partnership mainly for online bridge.

In my first bridge life I played bridge from 1971 till 1978, the last three years in the second highest bridge league in the Netherlands. I live in Germany, am 72 years old now and have played again since early retirement at the age of 60.

It is important for me to play a well defined and consistent system including competitive bidding, leads and signals. I currently have some 80 pages on agreements as condensed text and lots of survival trees.

My preference is QUC, my homegrown system based upon Polish Club, but with a WNT. It has more artificiality then 2/1, but less then a full relay system. The advantage is that it has matured since 2014, the disadvantage is that it is a one men show. I have just finished translating enough to get started.

For the last two years, I have in parallel worked on modifying Kaplan-Sheinwold into a 5542-system with an unbalanced diamond. K-S has a WNT too. The advantage is that it is closer to 2/1 and has less artificiality, the disadvantage is that there is still work to do.

I could imagine playing MOSSO, also a homegrown system, but not a one men show. The advantage is that it is well documented, the disadvantage is that I am not fully convinced. However if that what it takes to get a compatible partner, it is an acceptable compromise.

In addition I expect to have a well documented set of agreements for competitive bidding (about 25% of my notes) and leads and signals.

I have had some disappointing experiences not only because of system issues, but also because of differing views and attitudes with respect to playing bridge. Therefore I would like to have an in-depth exchange before embarking on a new partnership.

Please send a mail to with your preferences if you are interested. After that I suggest to have an exchange first by mail and then per video conference. I usually take Jitsi.

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